Question: Are there any circumstances in which a student of a public school can constitutionally pray over the school's public address system, on school property, at a school sponsored event?
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There are a number of non-profit legal organizations that focus on the subject of religious liberties. Anyone having a legal issue regarding religious freedoms may contact these organizations directly. Many of the following organizations have also indicated a willingness to provide defensive legal assistance to school districts enacting constitutional policies that protect and preserve students' constitutional liberties. Click on any one of these websites to instantly be taken to that organization's site. *

Alliance Defense Fund

American Center for Law and Justice
(757) 226-2489

Liberty Counsel
(407) 875-2100

Liberty Legal Institute
(972) 423-8889

The Rutherford Institute
(434) 978-3888

Texas Justice Foundation
(210) 614-7157

Pacific Justice Institute
(916) 857-6900